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05/06/2014 - 0 Comments - Recipes | Oats, Breakfast, Frio

This is a classic among the breakfasts in my mom's house, specially in the winter.

It is real simple, heartwarming, and works wonders when one needs to eat and has a stomachache.

Consists in cooking 1 cup rolled oats in 2 cups water, over low heat, until it reaches the desired consistency. I don't like mine too thin, so I let it cook for about 15 minutes.

It is important to keep an eye on it, because it might spill when boiling, just like milk. 

A good measure is to avoid small pots.

At my mom's we serve it with several accompaniment options:

Warm or cold milk,

a little bit butter,

a little bit salt,

a little bit honey,

sliced fruits,

sugar and cinnamon,

or any combination of the options above.

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